That’s Right; An Automotive Site for Women


As my maternity leave is quickly coming to an end, I realize I’ve not kept up my end of the bargain and written nearly enough blogs. We can all blame that on my un-sleeping child who’d rather stay awake alllll day and keep me running ragged. With just 4 weeks left at home with my little man before C takes over for the last 4 months (still can’t believe he agreed to that), I feel like I have to make up my absence to all of you, oh faithful readers, and cram in as many fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, amazing and downright incredible blogs as I can.

Not that I’m aiming high or anything.

But, moving on to the subject at hand: A website has appeared on the ever-expanding and full-of-useless-shit stuff Internet that I believe deserves a moment of your attention (and not just because I will be the brains behind it when I get back to the office in about a month, though I will admit that has a great deal to do with it). The website is

Now, you all know I like a bit of blatant self-promotion, and while this is a bit of that, it’s more about celebrating the idea that a site like this exists.

You see, the idea that women like cars, like to read about them, like to drive them, like to know about them, is ever so slowly creeping into the public’s general psyche. Soon (hopefully), the stereotype of females being completely clueless about cars will be abolished… at least that’s my goal in all of this.

When I first started at a year ago, they told me they had a special project in mind for me (which was part of the main reason I was hired). I was skeptical at first, but when they approached me with the idea I admit I was a bit excited. has the potential to be something great. At the moment, it’s merely a sketch. There’s still a lot of work to be done, a lot of content to build and a lot of lessons to be learned. As the in-house “leader” of my team of ladies at I’ll have my plate full when I get back behind the desk in a few weeks. And I’m very much looking forward to it.

This website will offer me the opportunity to cover subjects and tackle reviews in a way I’ve not been able to before: from a woman’s point-of-view.

Since I began in the automotive field, my mind has always been a bit “manly.” My time at as an editor only exemplified that, and as the years went on I often found it a struggle to write as a woman. I was so used to taking a masculine stance on things. In fact, more often then not, readers thought I was a guy (I kid you not).

After so many years of “hiding” my identity without even meaning too, it’s rather liberating to be able to write as myself and for an audience who I know will appreciate the fact that I am in fact a woman, instead of judging me for it. I hope the rest of our talented writing team at feels the same way as many of them have been in the manly automotive world for years as well. 

The Internet really is full of some pretty stupid stuff. From piano-playing cats to blogs on every single subject you could possibly imagine; if you want it, you’re sure to find it. So, with all that useless crap out there, I hope can rise above the muck and really become a staple for readers across Canada and even further. It really is a unique creation (in Canada at least).

So, if you feel inclined, oh faithful reader, I’d like you to check it out and let me know what you think! Any feedback, criticisms, advice, comments, critiques will be much appreciated. As I’ll be heading back sooner rather than later I want to go back armed with as much ammo as I can to get back into the heart of everything immediately.

Ladies, this one’s for you: enjoy.

Drive on,

– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on June 12, 2012.

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