Like selling my soul…

Sometimes life demands you make changes. Be them internal or external, those changes often aren’t easy. They require a sense of willpower, commitment and sometimes even a bit of grit and grunt. However, generally, they’re for the best and we make those changes to better ourselves and our lives (or at least make them easier).

I’ve come to the realization that a change could be fast approaching my already greatly changed life.

In the last few weeks, C and I have been talking about selling the WRX and getting a wagon.

I know, right?!

Oh faithful reader, please pick your jaw up off the floor and let me explain; I promise you there’s a good reason to all this and it’s not all as domestic and soccer-mom-ish as it seems. I swear.

Here’s the deal: We have a child now. Of course, you all know this already, and even after just 3 short months of living with a baby and the WRX we both realize how inconvenient the Rex truly is; and how much we both still absolutely love it.

With the baby seat in the back, behind the passenger seat, it’s impossible to have a front passenger unless they’d like to have their knees imprinted in the glovebox and their head scraping the windshield (which is where I generally sit when C is driving). Fitting anything more than the stroller in the trunk is a pain in the ass, fitting the car seat through the rear passenger door requires some serious skill so the baby isn’t unceremoniously dumped on the ground in the process, and the sporty suspension is less than desirable as I watch my newborn’s brain bounce around in his poor little skull over every bump and dip in the road (which is often on our glorious Montreal roads).

Despite all that, we’re still very much in love with the Rex, and so is Owen. The rumble of the flat-four and Prodrive exhaust lull him into a serene, peaceful state (no matter how worked up he was to begin with). The stiff suspension means tighter cornering (which Owen also enjoys), and the feisty blow-off valve hiss brings a smile to C’s face every time (and even the baby gets excited, arms flailing as soon as he hears the Psssshhhh of the turbo spool release). As a family, we adore the car. But as a family car, it’s horrible.

So, what to do? Herein lies the dilemma. There’s no way C is ever going to part with his Rex (and I’d never ask him to), but in order to afford a new car (be it new-new or used-new), we’d need the cash from the WRX to make it happen.

I find it interesting that our problem doesn’t stem from a lack of funds (as may be the case for most) but rather from a passion for a vehicle we both fell in love with from the beginning. This particular Subaru Impreza WRX has been in our relationship nearly as long as we’ve been together. It’s taken us to joyful events, funerals, night’s on the town and even road trips. We’ve packed it with friends, family and bags for the airport. We’ve had many a disagreement in that WRX, and even shared a few tender moments. I learned the fundamental basics of driving a manual transmission on the WRX (ah, the hill!); and it is the very first car C ever bought.

A few days ago we were driving home from doing the groceries and we passed another WRX on the road. As we each flashed our highbeams and gave a friendly wave, C turned to me and said, “See, it would be like selling your soul.”

And he’s right.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on February 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Like selling my soul…”

  1. It wasn’t my first car! The 91 talon TSi was my first!

  2. […] could possibly have some space issues along the way; which is why we considered (ever so briefly) getting a wagon. That idea died almost as quickly as it was born when we both realized it would require selling the […]

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