If you can’t drive, why do you do it?

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The past few days I’ve been taking the bus to the train station to get to work. C and I are sharing a car as I haven’t picked up my tester (a Range Rover Sport Supercharged) and I’m such a loving wife that I’ve agreed to take the bus and let him have the car for the train station (cue audience, “awww” now).

So, it’s the same people ont his bus every morning, all from my development. They’re usually pretty quiet, but this morning two of them were conversing in a mixed-language conversation (French/English). And they were talking about driving.

One woman was talking about her daughter taking driving lessons and how she hopes it will make her more confident and keep her safe, etc. And then she started to talk about herself (actually, it was a pretty one-sided conversation, I think the other woman just wanted to sleep but the blabber just kept on blabbing … like, really, it’s 6:20 a.m. no one wants to talk that much).

So Ms Blabber says she’s a horrible driver — to which my ears perk up a bit.

She says to Ms I Want To Sleep that she’s petrified behind the wheel and she’s hoping to get her license soon — to which I nonchalantly looked around to catch a glimpse of her face and deduced that she is at least in her late 30s.

She hopes to get her license soon? As in, she’s never had it? Or it was revoked for horrible driving? Now I’m intrigued.

Ms Blabber continues; she’s petrified of other cars on the road and the highway scares her the most. Not so much the “going fast” but the other cars. She’s unsure of what they’re going to do and turn signals confuse her.

I’m sorry, what? Turn signals confuse you?! I wish to God I could have recorded this conversation so I could send it to the local SAAQ (or version of the DMV) to warn them of the disaster headed their way.

She said her daughter was practicing her driving skills on a simulator (fancy new teaching techniques that weren’t available in my day, I suppose), and that she’d given it a shot. And crashed multiple times. And she laughed about it.

She said it felt too real and freaked her out.

Oh. My. God.

Then, Ms I Want To Sleep finally asked a question (seemingly out of the blue) about the show Canada’s Worst Driver and whether or not Ms Blabber thought it was actually real.

And Ms Blabber responded quite vehemently and loudly; yes! It’s most definitely real! Ms Blabber can totally relate to the fears and confusions those drivers are having.

Ms I Want To Sleep simply laughed politely and said nothing more, to which Ms Blabber thought it the perfect opportunity to tell her what kind of car she’s going to get when she gets her license.

A Honda Fit.

Because it’s small and cute and she likes the colours available.

I think I may have rolled my eyes just a little, and not because of the car choice but because after all her “I’m afraid of driving” affirmations, she’s still excited about getting a new car.

If you don’t like doing something, why do it?! Sure, not being able to drive is inconvenient and can make getting around a bit more difficult, but if it emotionally and physically pains you to do it, then don’t do it!

Not to mention the fact that if you’re a nervous, scared, unsure, confused driver out there, you are more than likely going to cause some issues on the road with the more competent drivers.

As we were getting off the bus Ms Blabber was telling Ms I Want To Sleep (who was surely considering a sprint to the train at this point to get away) that if she kept seeing her on the bus that her test didn’t go so well.

I’m thinking Ms I Want To Sleep is going to start driving to the train station every morning.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on April 6, 2011.

One Response to “If you can’t drive, why do you do it?”

  1. LOL funny thing is I was terrified of driving and NEVER wanted to get my license and a friend of mine tried to teach me to drive but yelled at me when I didnt brake properly. So I gave that up. Then my cousin moved to blainville and I sort of move din with her and by bus montreal is 2 hours easily and longer to get to my mothers in Lachine. So I learnt how to drive. Like that woman everything scared me and I still dont like doing those circle turns to get on to the highway (Laval is guily of these all kinds) but once I got in my car in my first lesson I loved it and my fear disappeared. Now I love it and I am a fairly good driver since I got my license I ahve two very minor accidents one in a parking lot and one when I hit a patch of ice. But other than that I am ok… lol I feel for her. I know how that fears consumes your life and if it werent for my cousin living out in boonie ville I would ahve never gotten mine. As for her exciting about getting a new car. Even though I was always terrified of driving I always wanted an original Volkwagen beetle from the 70s lol in bright yellow!

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