Why Subaru is Superior

This week, I have a Subaru Forester 2.5x sitting in my driveway. It’s an automatic and it’s this strange blue/green colour that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

And yet I love it.

I’ve been sold on the idea of Subaru since 2005 when my boyfriend (now husband) bought his very first car; a Subaru WRX. He was torn between an Acura RSX S and the Subaru WRX. The moment we took the Rex for a test drive, we knew. It was the one.

Before that, my exposure to Subaru had been limited. I’d just started testing vehicles, so hadn’t really started in with Subaru yet, and I only knew about my parent’s landlord’s dinosaur of a Legacy wagon that looked like it had been on the earth for millions of years, and yet it never struggled to start each and every morning.

From the moment C brought the Rex home, we were both in love. There was something about the way it drove, the cable clutch, the stiff throttle and the Subie exhaust growl that had us both grinning from ear to ear every time we got into the car.

Around the same time as C, a close friend of ours bought her sedan Impreza, and her parents bought an Impreza wagon. We were turning into a regular Subie family.

Not our Rex, but a hot Subie nonetheless

A year later, I bought my first car; a ’06 Subaru Impreza. Not as fast or spunky as the WRX, but just as much fun to drive and I loved it. And thanks to my manual driving lessons on the WRX, I fell in love with driving a stick shift. Unfortunately, I had to sell the Impreza shortly after, but at least we still had the Rex.

Shortly after that, the husband of the friend who bought the ’05 Impreza bought a used ’04 Forester XT, and her brother bought a ’06 Impreza, and another couple we know bought a ’08 Impreza hatch (keeping track here?).

Summer BBQs are the best. Looking out the window at the driveway/street and seeing it lined with Subarus makes me smile every time.

I think Subaru owners are a special breed. We understand one another because it’s almost as if we share a secret no one else knows: That Subarus are fantastic cars.

I’ve received MINI waves and even a Porsche wave (O.M.G.), but the best feeling is when I get a nod or thumbs up from a fellow WRX or STI driver when I’m in my own Rex.

Subarus are often disregarded or not even considered by new-car buyers. I’m met with shocked or puzzled looks when I suggest Subaru as an affordable, reliable alternative to Honda, Nissan and Toyota. It’s as if no one has ever heard of them. So strange.

Granted, Subarus are not the fanciest, best-looking or most stylish rides (save for the STI that’s oh-so sexy), but they are the most practical, the most fantastic to drive and they really have the best AWD systems that far out-perform any other system on the road today.

Their all-time AWD means there’s no fancy electronic switching of power or “reading” the road. It’s all-wheel drive, all the time. That’s it. Simple.

They’re made to do one thing: Drive in any condition, anywhere, anytime. And that’s precisely what they do. Of all the car companies out there that make promises, I believe Subaru is one of the few that actually follows through with its promises.

I’m proud to be a Subaru owner. I love that we can take the Rex out into any weather condition on any surface and have confidence that it’ll get the job done (and we can have fun doing it too). I love the turbo spool, the deep exhaust note (that is so distinctly Subaru that I can spot a Subaru coming from blocks away simply from that unique exhaust note), and the responsive handling. I love the stiff clutch (even though we continue to disagree with one another 6 years later) and I love the connection I have with other Subaru drivers on the road, it truly is unlike any other car connection I know of.

So, if you haven’t given Subaru a second look (or truthfully know nothing of the brand), I recommend you give them a chance. They might just surprise you with their superiority.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on March 26, 2011.

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