Making snow angels on the road

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No doubt you’ve all heard about the “storm of the century” hitting the north eastern region of the US and Canada at the moment. I’m looking out the window now and all I see is a big blanket of white over the city of Montreal. In fact, I can’t even see the buildings beside me — it’s quite impressive.

This morning I left my house at the ungodly hour of 6:25 a.m. I cleaned off my BMW 550i xDrive tester (fantastic set of wheels, by the way) and proceeded to head out on the road. I catch a train at 6:40 a.m. and live approximately 7 minutes away from the station. It’s all very calculated and well-planned my morning routine is. And generally everyone else on the road at that time is on a calculated mission as well.

Well, not this morning.

I made the mistake of letting someone go before me just after I left my driveway, and said motorist was absolutely crawling.

Now, I foresee this getting me into trouble — well, bring it.

For those of you who wish to move at a snail’s pace (and I’m talking just a smidge over 20 km/hr here) in the morning, or anytime really, pull over and let the rest of the world by. You’re disrupting the flow of life and potentially causing more problems on the road than someone who speeds.

As we crawled through my development I grew quite angry, especially when he (or she) moved further into the middle of the road so there was no way I could squeeze by without moving into the oncoming lane. This infuriated me, and only pushed me to pass him/her more aggressively as soon as I had the chance — to which he/she obviously honked and something nasty was probably muttered about the bitch in the BMW as well.

But I don’t care.

Here’s where I’m going to get into trouble: I get that the conditions weren’t the best on the road this morning. There was snow and ice and even the Beemers traction control was working hard around corners, but I still think that the snail’s driving was more dangerous than mine. Why? Because when someone is driving that slowly and stressing out the motorists behind him/her they inevitably drive the held-up motorists to pull moves like I did to pass or pull around where they aren’t supposed to go!

If I’d stayed behind the snail I would have missed my train — there’s no question about it. So, was I wrong to pass illegally? Was I wrong to go about my morning routine as I normally would have (not speeding, but doing 55 km/hr in the 50 zone and so on?) so I made sure I was at work on time in this dismal weather?

I’m a good driver. I’ve driven in quite a few winter storms and in many conditions. I’m comfortable behind the wheel and I know the limits of the cars I drive. I’m confident in my actions and if I’m not, I act accordingly. On those grounds, I think I have the right to pass someone doing 2 km/hr because they’re scared of a little snow. I get it. I really do. But at the same time I ask all of you scared winter drivers; just pull over and let us pass!

Granted, there are yahoos out there who believe they are talented winter drivers in their FWD beaters who, inevitably, end up in the ditch. To them I say: Ha! There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance when it comes to winter driving. Don’t toe that line, it’ll only get you into trouble.

Driving in the snow doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. And really, to all us Canadians it should be second nature by now! But if you are afraid and slow to an otherworldly degree, have some compassion for those of us who can actually drive and pull to the side so we can stop riding your bumper and making you more afraid.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on February 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Making snow angels on the road”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I get an AMEN??
    Simply brilliant.
    On behalf of all of us who take our winter driving seriously, I say thank you.

  2. yeah nice

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