Moping without my MINI on Blue Monday

Depressing, maybe. A gorgeous winter day? Definitely.

On this most depressing Monday of the year, it’s only fitting that I returned the MINI Cooper Clubman in exchange for a 2011 BMW 550i xDrive sedan that had a dead battery — and so I left the dealer with an X5.

As the weather hit -28 degrees Celsius with the windchill here in Montreal, I can see just how truly depressing this Monday can be!

As I left my Cooper Clubman in the wake of the X5’s exhaust plumes (thanks to the frigid temperature not my lead foot) I thought about the week I’d had with the car.

Most who got in were, at first, enamoured. And then they started to interact with the vehicle and their opinions quickly changed. I have to say, each time someone brought up a negative point about the Cooper Clubman I felt like I’d been criticized as well.

“Why are the buttons for the windows there?”

“That third door system isn’t very practical in a parking spot, is it?”

“OMG the back doors are like a hearse!” (Possibly the worst one.)

That’s a back seat?”

“Our snowboards are supposed to go where?” (My husband to me when I suggested we take the Clubman to the mountain for some fun on the hill. Much squishing, precision packing and balancing ensued to make all our gear fit in the back.)

“You will not be missed.” (My husband to the Clubman as I dropped him off at work this morning.)

And as I drove on this blue, blue Monday to return the Clubman I tried to understand how it was that I could overlook all of these comments and observations that were, for the most part, true.

Granted, the Clubman is not my MINI crush, the Cooper S is, but they are essentially the same car. And yet, the drive experience of the S far outshines that of the base Cooper and perhaps that’s what makes it more tolerable in all its faults.

The Clubman was designed to be a “bigger” MINI. It was released to please all the folks who said they wished they could buy a MINI, if only it were bigger. Well, there ya go. There’s a few more inches to the back and a third door — “bigger” achieved.

But by making themselves “bigger” they opened themselves up to tons of criticisms from those who realize this “bigger” is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

What isn’t a marketing ploy is the brand new MINI Countryman which I hope to be driving in the next month or so. Let’s see what the naysayers have to say about this 4×4, actually bigger, crossover MINI.

Drive on (and try not to be too depressed today),
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on January 17, 2011.

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