Girls in fuzzy hats, polar bears and cars hatched from eggs: MIAS

I fail to see the connection here

Yesterday, I spent all day at the Montreal International Auto Show. From 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon I was meant to walk from booth to booth listening to manufacturers wax on about how their cars are the best and how they’ve had a record year in sales.

Funny how they all have the No. 1 car in Canada when it comes time for the auto shows.

In comparison to Detroit, Montreal is a flea of an auto show. Small and unassuming, the Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS) might be small, but it has a loyal city that keeps it thriving and keeps Canadian firsts appearing from beneath silk covers.

This year, I went in expecting nothing. Last year was so dismal, it was difficult to imagine things could ever be better again. The recession hit the auto industry hard in 2009 and 2010 paid the price. Well boys and girls, it’s 2011 and the auto industry is back in action.

For the first time in… ever, I actually had to work the entire media day. Generally I wonder around aimlessly from manufacturer to manufacturer collecting my press kits and freebies, make scathing remarks to colleagues and only paying attention when I feel the need.

Well, yesterday was quite different. I spent the day rushing from display to display squeezing in as many interviews as I could about various new models across the spectrum for videos. I only saw about four or five of the actual launches, and I spent the day playing catch-up collecting my press kits.

Absolutely tiring and absolutely fantastic.

Instead of boring you, oh faithful reader, with tons of text, instead I’ll present you with my top 5 MIAS picks for the 2011 show.

FIAT 500

Like the Sara Varone of the subcompacts, this little number is molto caldo. Grazie — I’ll be here all night.

Porsche 911 GT2RS

I know the headless Porsche enthusiast in the background is distracting.

Scion iQ

The smallest four-seater in the world; smart car eat your heart out.

Ford Focus

Euro-bred, this American number is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition already.

MINI Countryman

The fuzzy hats and knee-socks only make it that much cooler. Come on, you know I’m right.

And for your viewing pleasure, oh faithful reader, photos from the day:

Look what I see lurking...

Recognize that writing? That's right -- a hybrid.

The new Accent is hatched -- literally.

How very Porsche-like of the new Nismo 370Z

I'm still wondering which Nissan employee got conned into wearing the polar bear outfit

It almost looks like Posh Spice in vehicular form -- weird

I officially want the jacket and the car -- she can keep the hat and knee socks

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “Girls in fuzzy hats, polar bears and cars hatched from eggs: MIAS”

  1. As a fellow indusrty geek who has to work the show (sniffing out hidden wheel data on my hands and knees no less) I have to say I’ve well seen my fill of this gig and rarely does it impress. But this year’s really is noticebly more “alive”. Lots of new models, great booths – Kia’s was frankly a shock, considering the value-oriented nature of marque – and the new middle floor “mega hall” gives the show a feeling of grandeur that’s been missing all those previous years where they had you running around from room to room in a mouse maze.
    I am sadly disapointed your Fiat pic fails to inlcude the Fiat girls in their sporty corporate mini dresses (with the “500” logo strategically placed on their, um, fenders). 🙂

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