Focus on the road ahead

I feel the need to venture into the realm of journalism and writing as a whole (which might actually completely contradict what this entire blog is about) for this particular blog post. I don’t want to come off as preach-y or condescending in any way, so please oh faithful reader, do let me know if I’m being that way and I’ll be sure to sit myself in the corner for a time-out.

My random wanderings across the internet and various blogs has lead me into a bit of a funk when it comes to the fine art of writing and blogs in particular. Just as anyone can pick up an SLR camera and become the next Vogue photographer, it seems that anyone can sign up for a free blog and become the next Hemingway — or so they think.

One of the very first things I learned (and retained) in journalism school was this: Write what you know.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, apparently it isn’t.

Instead of pointing out the faults of others or directing you to blogs/sites that clearly have no focus and are merely glorified diary entries or excuses for extended Face-Twit updates that save them from the 144-character limit, I’ll be a bit more positive and tell you why I write about what I do and how I came to zero in on my niche, my focus.

Because it’s all about focus, people.

I toyed with the idea of a blog for months, possibly even a year before I finally bit the WordPress bullet and signed up. It wasn’t that I was afraid of the work involved but more that I wasn’t sure I was entirely focused on how the blog would look and what kind of content I would put up.

It was silly of me really to worry about it so much, my career already had my focus clearly in sight: Cars.

And yet, I wanted it to be more than that. Sure, I can wax on and on about the automobile focusing on myself and my opinions only, but then what use would that be to all of you, oh faithful readers? I had to make sure I was giving my audience a well-rounded look at the world of the automobile, and in turn my world with said automobiles without coming off as a glorified diary.

I write about cars because I have a passion for them, and that passion translates into knowledge and research and a general love for everything car-related, and I can only hope that comes across in my writing. My goal was always to entertain and perhaps teach a little something along the way — all the while maintaining that ever-important niche, that theme.

And that’s where the focus comes into play. Sure, there are days when I know there’s a popular topic circling the interwebs (totally un-car related) and I think: Hmm, that would get a lot of page views if I did a short piece on that. But then I remember: Brit-Brit’s black eye is not car-related, nor does it fit with my niche or focus in any way.

The blogs that I follow regularly have a definite theme — a focus. They are true in delivering what they originally said they would from family life to food adventures to wild and crazy divorce proceedings and funny cat photos (yes, I’m obsessed, I’m not going to lie), and even Mr. Shev offers insightful posts that sometimes don’t follow any rhyme or reason, but at least they’re consistent. They continually deliver solid content that is directly in line with what their blogs are about, what their focus is.

I love that and I commend those writers/authors/bloggers/creators for being so in tune with their likes/dislikes. They have strong opinions, they aren’t wishy-washy and they tell it like it is; within the context of the focus of their blogs. They’re informative and they often have a hidden message of some kind, or a lesson tucked into their clever prose.

And I can only hope that my blog somehow lives up to their standards and offers the same kind of focus and theme that I’ve come to expect from good bloggers.

Drive on (with a focus),
– M.

PS I will return to my focus in the next blog entry, oh faithful reader, I promise. I was momentarily distracted by the badly spelled road signs and grammatically incorrect directions on my blogging highway.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on December 8, 2010.

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