Having a little Fiesta in my driveway

When you drive a car with a name like Fiesta, you can’t help feel a little bit happy — add to that a vibrant colour and a fantastic look and you’ve got yourself a hot little hatch that I’m absolutely in love with.

Now, for anyone who knows me well (and you, oh faithful reader, must know a thing or two by now) I’m not a huge fan of American cars — I never have been. But Ford has been changing my mind for the better part of 2 years now and the Fiesta may have just turned me 180-degrees from where I used to stand on American vehicles.

Since last September when I was first introduced to the Euro-spec Ford Fiestas in bustling downtown Toronto, I’ve had the chance to get behind the wheel quite a few times. And I’ve never turned down an offer. Why you ask? Why would I give up a week behind the wheel of a Jaguar, BMW, Subaru, Land Rover, etc. to drive a piddly little Fiesta? Well, here’s why:

It’s got attitude.

That’s right. I’m not saying the Beemer or the Jag don’t have attitude, far from it. They’ve got so much attitude (and style and class and sophistication) that they’re in a league all their own which leaves the Fiesta smack in the middle of the regular-town league and leading the bunch on the cool-attitude scale.

So, when I was given the opportunity to drive the funky little Fiesta once again, I slipped in happily behind the wheel and enjoyed every moment in it.

Some might think I’ve gone mental. How can I enjoy the Fiesta so much when the week before I was behind the wheel of an Audi TTS or a BMW X5? I enjoy it because it’s well-built and serves its purpose.

When I interviewed Richard Hammond a few years ago, I remember asking him why he loved Land Rover so much, and he gave me an answer I’ve never forgotten and one that I think of often when I drive new vehicles: Land Rovers are built to serve a purpose, and they do just that.

The Ford Fiesta is no Land Rover, but it’s built for a purpose and it serves that purpose to the best of its ability.

I’ve like the Fiesta since I first saw it at a car show nearly 2 years ago. Even without driving it, I knew Ford had a winner because the Fiesta is a car that serves a definite purpose. It’s an economy hatch that’s affordable, small and good on gas. It’s not meant to be able to tow or even function as an IKEA-visitor, but it is meant to be a practical people carrier (and only 4 at a time at that), and that’s OK.

As I drove home in the setting sun in my bright blue Ford Fiesta sedan, surrounded by traffic and angry commuters who just wanted to get home, I couldn’t help but smile. I was enjoying myself despite the backlog of vehicles because of the car I was in.

This might sound like a Ford Fiesta ad, but I can assure you they haven’t offered me a free Ford Fiesta or showered me with gifts and money, I just really enjoy this vehicle and I want the world to know it. I may say that I “like” a lot of cars, but in actual fact I’d never actually buy those cars. I see them as practical for other buyers and drivers but not myself.

When it comes to the Ford Fiesta, it’s one of the few cars I could see myself owning, or perhaps buying for my child (if I had one of driving age). I’ve highly recommended it as a first car for my 17-year-old cousin as a reliable, fun car that she’ll not only love to drive but will also be able to drive well and with confidence.

And of course, Ford’s SYNC system really is fantastic. I’m in and out of cars all the time and the myriad of onboard computers are often confusing and just not practical, but such is not the case with SYNC. From the moment I first tried it, I liked it; and that’s saying something!

Perhaps the only thing that’s “missing” with the Fiesta is a sportier package with a bit more power. While the hatch is great to drive, it could be a bit more fun with a bit more power under the hood — Ford execs, are you listening?

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on November 14, 2010.

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