Why am I driving a car that looks like a dinosaur?

This week’s tester is a bit of a… how do I put this lightly? This week’s tester is a bit of a… misfortune. There, that’s not too harsh, is it? When I first saw it, I actually laughed out loud at its paleolithic facade and cubed, monstrous back end. (Now that may have been too harsh.)

I won’t skirt around the model name (because you’re all intelligent people and can clearly see the photo above): The Infiniti QX56 is a monster in every sense of the word. Not only is it ginormously large, but it’s presence on the road is larger than life thanks to its horribly brutish exterior looks.

OK, OK, I’ll stop bashing this brand new Infiniti before I’m asked to sit a time out (we all know, oh faithful reader, this has been known to happen). The QX56 isn’t the only brute on the road today, and that got me thinking.

There have been some mighty ugly cars on the road over the years. But who thought they were “pretty” enough to make it in public? I tip my hat and salute all car designers for the work they do. They are tasked with creating works of art that have to move and be practical all while looking fantastic. That’s not easy. And yet, I sometimes feel like the car designers of the world like to play tricks on us, thumb their noses at us, and see just how much they can get away with. From the Element to the California (sorry, I just don’t like it!), car designs are so unique, and so easily hated.

It comes down to such an objective judgment call, and it brings to light the idea that your car truly is an extension of yourself, and we are all unique individuals with some pretty unique styles and looks. I often see drivers get out of their cars and think: Yes, you made the right choice. Their cars are a part of their look, their ensemble, as they should be.

And as I look at the brontosaurus parked in my driveway I wonder who would pick up this particular accessory — I know it’s been like an uber-oversized, bright green Ed Hardy purse for me all week.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on September 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “Why am I driving a car that looks like a dinosaur?”

  1. You may well get a time out for this one, but call ’em as you see ’em. Set the buzzer for 10 minutes, please.

    It’s kinda stegosaurus-looking, isn’t it?

  2. Great writing! You should definitely follow up to this topic!

  3. […] fobs are a fantastic creation and something I hope only gets better. I absolutely loved it when the dinosaur — er, I mean, the QX56 lit up its mirror lights and door handle lights as I approached the […]

  4. One of the biggest challenges we face as auto writers is to put ourselves into the shoes of any given vehicle’s intended target audience. That means that sometimes I have to attempt to have the viewpoint of a 20 something female with no kids when I review a car rather than a 40 something father of 3.

    I think that perhaps you have lost sight of who the target market is for the QX.

    • Hey Gary,

      Thanks for the read.

      For sure I keep the target audience in mind at all times. And I don’t discredit this car’s immense practicality. I loved it from the inside (and said as much in my video review of it), it was the outside that really threw me! I liked the previous gen. look of the QX and was a bit shocked to see the serious facelift (drop?) that it now sports.

      And while this car is truly ideal for a large family with the bucks to spend on a car in this class, if I were a mother of 3 with a few dogs in need of an SUV I’d look elsewhere as soon as I saw its mug.

      Drive on,
      – M.

  5. How about 3 kids and a huge dog 🙂

    I can see how the styling could turn someone off, but I experienced wickedly positive reactions from the public while I had one.

  6. […] Winter has arrived in Montreal quite suddenly and quite unceremoniously. Due to a series of mishaps with a Nissan Maxima tester (not my fault, I swear) I am behind the wheel of a vehicle I already drove a few weeks ago; The Dinosaur. […]

  7. […] Enter the dinosaur… […]

  8. […] a beige Corolla), or because I don’t like the look of your back end (unless you’re a dinosaur), or even because I’m in a rush (generally, I’m pretty laid back); it’s simply […]

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