On the long road of life…

Oh faithful reader, I’m OK!

I know it’s been a few days (more than a week?) since I’ve blessed you with a witfully written bit on all things automotive, and I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t met an untimely end on a guardrail or in a ditch somewhere!!

The road of my life has taken some sharp and bumpy turns as of late and I’m just trying to keep the wheel straight with boths hands — no time to break free and type out a blog.

So, oh faithful reader, I ask that you be patient with me and my bumpy road. I know the Subie Rex can handle the bumpies and my Audi TTS tester this week will surely get me through the twisties in style, so all should be back to normal soon.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on September 17, 2010.

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