Ms Miranda’s headed to London

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And not London, Ontario. That’s right, the United Kingdom, jolly ol’ England; my homeland. I know, I know: I am Canadian (as they say) but deep down I’m a Brit and returning to the motherland is an inevitable progression of maturing as a Brit/Canadian (at least in my mind it is).

Now, it’s true that I’ve already spent 7 weeks exploring my heritage as a teen. When I was 14 years old my parents shipped me off to discover “where I came from” for a summer. I think they just wanted to get rid of me. In any case, in those 7 weeks I explored Henley on Thames, Cornwall, London, Porthgain, Swansea, Devon and various other locales that all had something to do with my family heritage and why I am the way I am today — scary, I know.

This time I’m headed to London only to explore Buckingham Palace, Kensington Place, view the Crown Jewels and have High Tea in Palm Court — all very posh and proper. And then I’ll be visiting a renowned steakhouse (great since I’m a veg), and taking a mixology class at a local bar — all very hip and modern.

I’m excited not only to revisit my “homeland” but to see a side of London I didn’t get to see as a 14-year-old. I’m returning to the UK as an adult and I am quite sure it will be a completely different experience from the moment I step off the plane at Heathrow to the time I head back in my traditional black London cab (because I must ride in a black London cab).

And while this trip has nothing to do with cars, you know I’ll be keeping an eye out for rides that only the UK could show off. I am so excited to see Euro-spec Fords and Subarus, and real MINIs. I’ll have my camera handy at all times and I’ll be checking in throughout the week so make sure you check back — if only to make sure I haven’t drowned in a pint of good ale or given into the temptation and tried to touch the Crown Jewels (you know that can only end badly).

And as I pack my back for my 5-day stay (do I need a hat when I go to Buckingham Palace on the off chance that I may meet the Queen? This stresses me out slightly), I can’t help but grin.

Travelling in itself is fantastic, but travelling to a locale that has meaning for you as an individual is that much more amazing. It’s time for this Canuck to get her Brit on; cheerio, jolly good and spend a penny … just practicing.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on August 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ms Miranda’s headed to London”

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  2. If you want to ride on one of the old London buses then there are only a couple of routes open. The 19 route is the best and goes down Piccadilly and you can jump off and go to the Royal Academy…or Fortnum & Mason (about as old school English as you get)…or The Ritz.

    If you want recommendations for good pubs, then give me a shout (I’m a Londoner born and bred). Also, the best fish and chips in town (or just the chips if you don’t eat fish) is Rock & Plaice in Covent Garden. (Oh, The Lemon Tree is a great pub near there as well…).

    There is a lot to see in London…!

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