Because, clearly, they make you go faster


Each time I head out on the road, I look forward to spotting unusual rides, bright paint jobs and interesting modifications. Montreal is a car-loving city and we take pride in our vehicles (generally), so it’s not uncommon to see a Honda Civic with well over double its base cost in modifications. I have no problem with modifications, especially if they’re done well. Engine upgrades, exhaust changes for the perfect note, interior gadget additions: all of these mods are acceptable.

Where I draw the line is exterior decals and unnecessary “bling” added to make the car “better” — kind of like wearing a muscle suit and enetering a strong-man contest. You will loose.

For example: Racing stripes on a 1990s-era Hyundai Accent will not make it race-worthy, nor will it add any horsepower, despite the name “racing” stripes. You will not be able to race, nor should you try — ever. Racing stripes are overused and underwhelming. Everyone has them, even those who shouldn’t. And, I won’t lie, I fantasize about owning my very own MINI Cooper S JCW in pearl white with black racing stripes, but that makes sense because they’d been on a performance vehicle. Therein lies the problem with most “racing stripe” mods. Often the car just doesn’t fit the exterior package, and that’s just sad.

Our photo stuff/

Despite the off-center stripe (which seems to give the allure of adding even more horsepower because of its rebellious placement), this smart will never compete on the track. And if it does, I hope it’s with other lawnmowers its size and strength.

Oversized wings also fall into this category. This is more than acceptable (in so many wonderful ways):

Ed Callow (torquespeak)/

This, on the other hand, is not:


Do you spot the difference there? It’s not that I disagree with accessorizing your ride, you just have to realize that some cars can handle the accessories while others can’t. I know for a fact that I look ridiculous with large, hoop earrings mainly because I wear glasses already and the earrings just mean there’s too much goin’ on around my face to focus on anything in particle, kind of like this poor M3:


I could search all day for photos like the ones above and fill this page with sorry excuses for mods, but instead I’ll use my words (just like I was edumacated to do). Car modifications are fantastic, I love them. In fact, we’ve modded our own Subaru WRX with a Prodrive exhaust, STI suspension, 17″ Prodrive charcoal mags, and a cold-air intake. While most of our mods aren’t affecting the performance (save for the cold-air intake), they’re also not so in-your-face that they’re begging for people to look at our car. And often a garish mod is done simply for that purpose, as a “look at me” ploy.

No, racing stripes will not make you go faster, despite the answer to this poor soul’s question: “Will racing stripes make my car faster?”

Drive on,

~ by drivingmsmiranda on August 17, 2010.

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  3. I like this car. thanks for the post.

  4. A+ would read again

  5. im feeling it

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