My love for BMW continues

My first BMW test vehicle

I never thought I’d become attached to one brand of cars over another. As a journalist, you are taught in your infant journo years to keep an unbiased eye trained on the world; to never take sides; and to always keep a level head when exploring a story and writing a piece.

Clearly I didn’t pay much attention.

From the very first BMW test vehicle I drove (which I’m pretty sure was a 328i followed up with a Z4 3.0i), I was in love. I’d never felt that way in a car before — well besides the MINI but that’s a different bond entirely and something for another post.

BMWs are just so well-made it’s impossible not to like them. What really embodies this is a BMW’s ability to impress non-car people.

I had two girls in the car with me one afternoon. We were heading to get a coffee and it was their first time in the ActiveHybrid 7. Immediately they were impressed. They couldn’t stop touching the seats, playing with buttons and generally being impressed with the vehicle itself. They knew nothing about cars, and cared very little about them as well, but they were impressed with the overall design and drive of the ActiveHybrid 7.

Sure a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini will have an effect on a non-car person, but not in a practical way like a BMW will. There’s just something different about it.

But enough blabbing from me. Here’s my review of the brand new BMW 550i sedan for

~ by drivingmsmiranda on July 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “My love for BMW continues”

  1. Great review of the 550i. I really like the interior color of the one you drove. Keep up the good work!

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