Why weather effects the way you drive

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As summer ever so slowly approaches here in Montreal, I am always shocked to discover how influential the weather can be to drivers on the road.

For example; yesterday started with light rain and dark skies. Generally this means random braking, changing lanes without signaling (which isn’t that uncommon every day actually), and overall insecurity on the road. Drivers are cautious to a fault and tend to get up in arms much more easily for the slightest offense. Though the sudden braking is, perhaps, the most annoying thing about rain.

It’s rain. You have windshield wipers for a reason. Please use them.

By the afternoon the sun was shining and the temperature had blissfully risen to the teens (yes, that’s bliss for us Canucks in June).

Not 5 minutes after leaving the office I was nearly t-boned by a woman who completely ran a stop sign. With her hands in the air she careened passed me, admitting to her fault, while I slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid a collision. And this is what the sunshine does.

People pay very little attention to their surroundings when the weather is nice. It’s as if the sun isn’t just blinding them, but also making them slightly challenged. Stop signs mean nothing, intersection lights are but a suggestion and pedestrians are targets not something to be avoided.

The music on the stereo is often much more important than obeying the speed limit or the rules of the road.

None of it matters; the sun is out! Rejoice!

This morning, in the sunshine, I again narrowly avoided disaster as a Civic driver (ooh, how I loathe you) nearly flew into me in a parking lot as I was lazily making my way down an aisle. And he had the balls to glare at me!

Dude, I’m in a Taurus SHO (which I pronounce S-H-O, each letter separately, because I’m cool like that) and it’s 7:20 a.m., clearly I’m not the one speeding here.

Maybe it’s the excitement of what the day will hold, or maybe it’s an overdose of vitamin D. Whatever it is, we need to learn to get our heads out of the sun and down on the road where they belong when the weather is nice.

Of course it’s nothing new that weather has a direct influence on driving conditions, but I just find it odd how it affects driver behaviour as well.

You may be a stellar driver on clear days, but add a little rain and cloud and suddenly you’re like Vettel vying for first place.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “Why weather effects the way you drive”

  1. Yikes, be careful over there! I learned to drive in NYC and yet always refused to drive within the city. I only drove to and from school and could feel the stress pile up on me as soon as I was near home. People drive as if they’re mad regardless of rain or shine, sleet, snow, what have you. Bus drivers and taxi cabs are by far the worse.

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