Why I love horsepower

I‘m sure you’ve all realized by now that I do love my speed and power behind the wheel on the open road.

But power beneath the hood isn’t the only horsepower I get weak in the knees for.

Oh faithful reader, say hello to Ben

Thanks to my parent’s amazing decision to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city to live in the middle of nowhere, I get to head up there practically every weekend and jump on my boy Ben (yes, my husband knows) and head out into the woods for a relaxing yet invigorating trail ride.

Horses are the original horsepower — obviously, or we’d be calling it cowpower or dogpower. Imagine? Horses offer a strength and beauty that equals that of most supercars on the road today. They have smooth, flowing features; rippling muscles on their shoulders and flanks; and a power about them that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. Horses are the original supercar, and I’m so lucky to have one to call my own.

Making the drive out to see my parents (and my Benny) is just as exciting as the ride through the woods. As they live in the country, I choose to take the windy, wide-open country roads to see them and get my kicks on the road before I get my kicks on four hooves (no pun intended). The drive there is usually peaceful and heart-pounding, and can be downright boring if I’m not in the right kind of ride. But I know the journey there is just a means to an end.

How is it that I can compare riding a horse to driving a powerful car? Well, they are much more similar than you might think.

Driving a powerful car and riding a horse both require confidence with a healthy dose of respect and fear. If you’re too confident on either you’re going to be thrown off (read: crash). However, you need to have the confidence to be able to drive the vehicle (and the creature) properly. If you’re unsure of yourself, your movements and your ability to handle the car (horse) correctly, then the car (horse) is going to know it has a wimp as a driver and is going to take you for a real ride (and it won’t be a fun one).

Sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, powerful car is like sitting atop a beautiful, powerful horse. You feel regal, rich, empowered and totally in control — and if you don’t, then you should exit the car (get off the horse) immediately because it’s not going to end well. While you might look a bit gooberish in all the horse-riding garb (particularly the riding hat), you’re still sitting tall and you should feel you are. Just like you should behind the wheel of a Porsche GT2 RS with your silly little driving gloves on.

Most importantly — for me anyways — is the sense of freedom. Whether I’m cruising down an open country road with the windows down listening to the roar of my WRX’s exhaust, or cantering across an open field clutching Ben’s mane and leaning forward as far a I can to make him go faster, I feel free. In those moments nothing else matters. Not my work, my bills, my life; nothing. It’s just me and the horse, me and the car. We are one and we are free; free in a world that’s so constraining it almost chokes us; free from the headaches and the heartaches; free from the hassles and the busy schedules; free from life.

It is pure and utter bliss.

And that is why I love horsepower; the kind that lurks below the hood and the kind that lives on four legs.

Drive (ride) on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on May 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Why I love horsepower”

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  3. I’ve tried horse riding a couple of times. It’s really fun!

    • Hey Zeeshan,

      I absolutely adore it. I’m lucky enough to have grow up with it and I’ve been around horses most of my life. It’s so relaxing and yet invigorating all at once. And if you’re a good rider, the control and “power” is incredible!

      I’m lucky to have my parent’s place to head to on the weekends when the weather is nice so I can go for a nice trail ride and unwind.

      Drive (or ride) on,
      – M.

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