Ridin’ Dirty in Miami

Rollin' in Miami...

I’ve finally escaped the frigid “spring” of Montreal and landed in the muggy warmth of Miami. I was a bit like a lizard greeting the sun for the first time in months when I emerged from the airport this afternoon. Oh how we Canadians suffer.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Miami, and I have to say that although the architecture and street-life intrigue me, it’s the cars that catch my attention (naturally).

While I was only in Miami for one night last year, this time I’ll have five days to keep a watchful eye on Miami’s vehicles of choice. I’ve come to notice a trend — at least here in South Beach.

So, what did I notice last time and even in today’s short jaunt from the airport to my hotel? Miami is like any other city with its “regular” cars, Porsches, ‘Vettes and Beemers, but what makes them stand out from the bunch is there fascination with the modified American cars.

I’m not talking old-school hot rods or even classics, I’m talking after-market bling on American models from the last 5-10 years. From chromed wheels to tints, blacked-out headlights, skirt kits, exhaust and anything else that would make a car stand out; Miami drivers like their cars to stand out.

And bigger is better seems to be the motto on the road here; I have yet to see a smart … anywhere.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for this modified American phenomena over the next few days with my camera handy, so be sure to check back on my South Beach investigation.

Oh, and I’m swimming with the alligators on Friday, so if everyone could keep their fingers crossed that I make it out alive … that’d be grand.

Drive on,
– M.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on May 12, 2010.

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