Clearly the message didn’t sink in

OK people: I’m a reasonable human being. I think I’m relatively calm, I rarely get upset, and I’m not one to yell (ever). But I’m reaching my very lengthy limit here.

Please use your fucking turn signals.

Hey, I said please.

Honestly, what’s the problem here? What’s the aversion to the turn signal? Is it so hard to use? Am I missing something here? Perhaps I’m just so anal about driving laws and rules that it’s just voluntary (and yet I’ll do 125 km/hr on the highway, so clearly rules aren’t the end all and be all of driving for me).

No, what I am is considerate. This is a lost art on the road today. Consideration for your fellow motorist is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when we waited at stop signs to let someone go before us, or slowed down to let someone merge onto the highway. God forbid you lose a millisecond driving to your destination.

So, fine, don’t use your turn signal, but don’t get mad when you get flipped the bird or honked at for being a douche and not notifying your fellow motorists of your intentions.

I counted over the weekend (yes, I can count): I nearly collided with 5 cars because they failed to use their turn signals. One woman even had the balls to shake her fist at me and honk at me because I drove straight when she was trying to turn (without a turn signal) and she almost turned into me. Um, if I’d known she were turning, I would have let her go, naturally. But I’m the villain. Two more talented drivers proceeded to do the same thing throughout the day. And one uber special motorist nearly drove me into the median on the highway as he casually drifted into my lane in his big, white van.

I just want to understand the aversion.

The turn signal is there to keep you safe — not just others on the road. You do understand that, right? It’s not just a knob like the radio; it’s not just there for your entertainment or light shows in your driveway after midnight. It actually serves a purpose; one I think too many people have blatantly forgotten.

They say speed kills, but I think forgetting to use your turn signal may cause just as many accidents and possibly even deaths. How many times have you been on the highway and had to deal with someone cutting you off without warning, without a turn signal, causing you to slam on your brakes? It happens all the time.

For all my loyal readers (I know I have a few out there) I ask you this: Please make an effort to use your turn signal all the time. Let’s all try to be better drivers so we can really enjoy our time on the road like we should.

Drive on,
– M.

Clearly just a photo to calm me down after the rant.

~ by drivingmsmiranda on May 11, 2010.

8 Responses to “Clearly the message didn’t sink in”

  1. yes, where has road etiquette gone? People just want to get to places so quickly and selfishly. Lets try and slow things down a bit people – we don’t want to put ourselves in hospital now do we?

  2. […] started with light rain and dark skies. Generally this means random braking, changing lanes without signaling (which isn’t that uncommon every day actually), and overall insecurity on the road. Drivers […]

  3. […] when something really rubs me the wrong way, I tend to go off on little rants and tantrums (read: Clearly The Message Didn’t Sink In). Herein lies one of those tantrums (you have been warned, oh faithful […]

  4. I love my turn signal, especially after having driven in California. I even use my turn signal in the middle of the night when I’m the only person on the road. I mean, it’s a habit–you turn, you click the lever. It even goes the same way that you’re turning so you don’t have to make an awkward motion.

    Some people 😀

    • Hey GreenGeekGirl,

      Apparently, it is an awkward motion for most people and it just enrages me to no end when I see people drifting around with no intention of letting other motorists know what they’re up to! Glad to know you are not one of them though!

      Drive on,
      – M.

  5. […] that neither of his back brake lights worked, only his rear window one did) and without signaling (oh thorn in my side) he suddenly pulled to the left (where I was about to pass him) and swerved into a random driveway, […]

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  7. […] I have a real problem with people who don’t use their turn signals. […]

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