Why the PVS really is a brilliant idea

A very close (and oh-so-clever) friend of mine brought up a brilliant idea last weekend. I dismissed it as being a semi-good idea, but not worth looking into – until I gave it a bit more thought.

She suggested that I become a freelance personal shopper for people looking to buy a new car.

We laughed, we joked and we moved on.

But we should have thought about it a bit longer and realized that really, it’s not a bad idea at all.

When it comes to buying a new car (or even a used one for that matter), it can be a highly stressful experience, no matter who’s buying. The stress level tends to rise when it’s your first car, when you’re buying alone, when you’re a woman, and when you really know nothing about automobiles. So, who do you turn to? The car salesman? The guy who’s going to tell you anything and everything he thinks you want and need to hear just so he can make the sale? Not the best idea in the world.

News flash: The car salesman doesn’t care about you or your choice. He doesn’t care if you’re safe, if you’re comfortable, if your bank account can really handle the monthlies or even if you like the color; he just wants the sale and he wants it quickly.

So, how do you (the consumer) get the best deal possible and buy the best car suited for you and your needs? Here’s where the personal vehicular shopper comes in (we’ll refer to this as the PVS from now on).

The PVS is there to do your research for you, to search out the best rates at dealers, the best models to suit your daily needs and your budget. The PVS is also there to go to the dealer with you and act as a buffer or a translator between you and said uncaring car salesman.

The PVS is your confidant, your assurance when you’re confused, your source of information for any and all car-related questions you might have.

A car is generally a big purchase and it boggles my mind that we embark on that purchase, often times, solo. Why is it that when we buy a house we enlist the help of a real estate agent and then a mortgage broker? Because we aren’t in the business and we don’t want to be taken for a ride, right? Shouldn’t the same apply for buying a car?

But that’s where the car salesman comes in you say. May I direct your attention to 4 paragraphs above? Enough said.

So, if people can enlist the help of personal shoppers for their wardrobes, then shouldn’t they be able to enlist the help of PVS experts to buy their new cars?

Just a thought … (thank you brilliant friend of mine).

Drive on,
– M.

Subaru WRX/Colin Styker

Subaru WRX/Colin Styker

~ by drivingmsmiranda on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Why the PVS really is a brilliant idea”

  1. AHAHAHAHA! It wasn’t so silly afterall, eh?! I heart u xox

  2. I’ve had that same conversation with a former colleague who spent hours weekly giving advice to family members, friends, and friends of family members and friends of friends, and – you get it…He thought about it, but never did it. I still think it is a great idea, might not replace an editor’s salary, but could supplement the freelancers’ income.


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